Welcome to IPC


Investment and Portfolio Consultants (IPC) is an independently owned asset manager and investment advisor specialising in discretionary and advisory portfolio management services for family offices, institutional clients and professional investors.

Founded in 1995 by David Crystal and Zev Crystal, IPC specialises in global fixed income and macro strategies. IPC’s rigorous methodology and committed service to its clients is rooted in its extensive experience over numerous investment cycles. In addition to the core expertise, IPC competencies include multi-asset portfolios and liquid alternative solutions.

Since its inception, the team has expanded through the addition of experienced professionals sharing a common vision of providing clients with detailed advice and unparalleled service.

Ensuring the preservation of capital of our clients' investments is a fundamental tenet that stands on par with the pursuit of maximising returns. Each client's portfolio possesses its own distinct characteristics and intricacies. At IPC, we construct investment strategies that align with the client's specific risk appetite and desired outcomes. Drawing upon our extensive expertise and understanding of the factors influencing risk and reward, we strive to achieve superior returns while mitigating potential risks in an increasingly volatile market.