Our services

Fixed Income Investing
Our core expertise lies in our ability to construct single securities portfolio on either a stand-alone basis or within multi-asset portfolios. We offer mandates in the full range of maturities, currencies, and credit profiles.

Multi Asset Portfolios
We construct multi-asset portfolios based on two key principles: aligning with our clients’ desired returns while adhering to their risk/reward objectives. Our dynamic investment approach blends in-house asset portfolio management expertise, with a multi-manager approach in select asset classes. On asset allocation, we combine strategic long-term portfolio construction with risk-controlled investing. Our portfolio construction methodology incorporates elements of both passive and active management styles, allowing us to draw upon the benefits of each approach.

Liquid Alternatives
Our investment philosophy embraces a unique methodology that emphasises the importance of liquid alternative strategies within the wider context of a portfolio. Carefully selected by our in-house team, these strategies are designed to enhance the risk-adjusted returns of multi-asset portfolios. We actively seek investment solutions that excel in periods of both sustained and volatile markets, with a distinctive convexity property.